Practice Time: Zephyr image dump (SFW)

Okay so…I’m in a pretty bad way so images are probably gonna be the bulk of what I do in the near future, and probably not anything super sexy or whatever, so if that’s the main draw for you, sorry. I’m gonna be disappointing for (what I hope is only) a little bit. I just need pretty. And if you like pretty I will share pretty.

I gave Zephyr a new skin texture and tweaked a few things on his face. He’s a bit more warrior-looking. I think. And then he went out to practice because even werewolves need to keep their human side sharp.



  • Roaringlight

    Woah, loving the new skin Furb šŸ˜€ he is looking fantastic, the hardened warrior look is really showing. It’s sharp and realistic and gives him a sort of serious demeanor but he still retains that soft cute appearance. Its perfect <3 Tenebee and I can't keep our mouths closed hehe~

    Fantastic work Furb and wonderful set up šŸ˜€ Really loving the enb you have been using lately, its gorgeous and it's working hand in hand with your beauties~

    • RefurbMadness

      Even Tenebee? Aww :3 Thanks a bunch Roaring, I’m glad you like it <3 That ENB really is the best, it's Bloodborne ENB (plague edition). In motion it's like what you'd get it you smashed Bleak and Unbleak together, but with a bit of a greenish tint. Rei likes it a whole lot šŸ˜›

  • Syl

    Amazing work– is that body texture done in 3d? It’s reaallly well done. I love how it wraps about him. His eyepaint is pretty cool, too.

    • RefurbMadness

      Thanks, although I dunno how amazing it really is lol

      The body’s Vitruvia and Veteran mixed together for the diffuse and head normal, but the other normals are Vitruvia. The eye makeup and tattoos are all Ixum’s.

  • jumarbye

    Love the tweaks you made on Zephyr – he looks a little battle-hardened now, and ready for anything. And love what you did with the body ink! It does have a bit of a 3D effect and looks fantastic!

    Wonderful pics šŸ™‚

  • Syl

    Ha! I was thinking to myself that it might be Veteran, and was like… nahh, couldn’t be. You make it look pretty good!

    I haven’t tried mixing it with Fair Skin yet, but I think I might.

    Alfgar’s supposed to be a Vitruvia/Veteran blend, but I need to work on him some more.

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