Red Dress (mini Adriel set, SFW)

Not many, I started on a set, but I’m sick and today has been…um. It’s been.

But I dunno when I’ll get around to finishing this, and Adriel is just too pretty to hide! 😛

I think. In my totally fair and unbiased opinion :V


  • Roaringlight

    I am not an expert on Dresses, but I have to say that dress on Adriel is so tastefully done and fabulous! I especially love the scarf, I am not sure if that has an exact word for it so sorry in advance hehe 😛 but I love it, red is a gorgeous color on Adriel especially~

    Beautiful work on the dress Furb!

    I also really hope you get well soon Furb~ hugs and get well wishes your way <3

    • RefurbMadness

      Thank you Roaring 🙂 Adriel is so much fun to dress up. When I’m feeling well again I hope to take the proper set which includes Rumarin in a suit. Date night! lol

      And thank you for the well wishes, I’ll push through like always…but I’ll always take hugs 😛 <3 <3

  • jumarbye

    Black and white and red – my fave color combo. Adriel is really rocking that dress. So yeah, if you bring Rumarin in a suit around, like you mentioned to Roaring, be sure and show pics 🙂 I’m sure they’ll look fantastic.

    • RefurbMadness

      Thanks! I’ll never not be tired of legwarmers/platform spikes, myself, and I’m just talking in general 😛 You bet I’ll share pics of those two little lovebirds :3

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