Mini Screenshot Set: Rei Ginsei (SFW)

So I made a quick fix to a left-out Fox outfit (yes, the mod is back up and the download link fixed! Sorry about that, and thanks to those who pointed it out and tested it to make sure it was, in fact, working), and it had been a while since I gave Rei some time to wear some heels, so I let him wear some heels and leggie-legs (I think I’m doing so many of those because it’s fuckin cold here lol) and the corrected top.

On the subject, there is one more mesh that needs more attention in a very significant way (41B if anyone’s run into the stretchy vertex on the sleeves), the vanilla-mapped feet (meaning they fit vanilla’s texture map; mine will be high-poly) need to be finished up, and I want to see about converting a couple more outfits, maybe, if for no other reason than it sucks to download a big-ass BSA for the sake of a few meshes. So just thought I’d throw that out there.

But without further ado…


  • Syl

    Oh, yes– it’s the white shirt!

    Can’t wait to get that one.

    …. says the person who just cleaned 35g out of her MO downloads folder…

  • Roaringlight

    Rei is looking super adorbs in that nice white shirt, the leg warmers and heels are a cute touch 😀 it’s been getting super cold where I am at too so its nice to see Rei keeping toasty in them hehe c: great set of shots Furb, I love his poses and expressions, he looks like he is loving his new outfit 😉

    • RefurbMadness

      Thanks Roaring! I do love what heels do for him 😛 I’m really glad you like these, even if that whole shoot didn’t go quite the way I’d hoped hehe

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