Hey everyone! I convinced Rei to properly dress up 😛 Meanwhile Adriel sports another color on his night out with Rumarin, but that’ll be coming soon. I just wanted to see what this one looks like. It’s another skinny one due to his scaling, but I didn’t feel like pushing a button to convert it. Okay yeah it’s a bit more complicated than that, but migraines, tremors, and Blender do not mix. lol

Also, Rei chapter and Aria chapter are neck-and-neck for completion. Which one will win out? Kinda hoping it’s Aria but we all know where my attention ultimately winds up 😐



4 thoughts on “Cheongsam (Rei mini-shoot, SFW)

  1. Neat contrast between the green tat and the gold on the cheongsam.

    I can see somebody’s got some competition over those bracelets too, lol.

  2. Yeah they come in packs of 50 and sell for like 5 times the ones from India that they’re badly mimicking.

    Reminds me I should get a set of the real ones, assuming I can find some that fit over my hands. Properly-fitting bangles terrify me and I start looking for the tin snips.

  3. Da-yum he’s gorgeous! I mean, just yummy – ask him to dress up more, pls 😀 (and yes, I’m getting ready to look at the next set) 🙂

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