I am like. So not up to doing anything. I’ll spare you, though, don’t worry.

I know, call the cops for a wellness check. Furb doesn’t want to whine. She must be dying.

ANYWAY. So I got this cheongsam dress made. Well. Finished. It had been hanging out gathering dust for reasons I don’t remember. It’s more or less meant for Adriel and not many others, even if Rei made an heroic attempt at showing it off. lol Those shoes are the Tera Aerin ones included in Divine Elegance, but I veeeeeeeery carefully and veeeeeeeery slowly resculpted them and gave them a new foot mesh so that I could give them height and lessen that dreaded cankle which comes from assuming a lack of height scaling on the fly.


4 thoughts on “Cheongsam #2 (Adriel Mini Shoot, SFW)

  1. That is a much better looking shoe now.

    And I am such a slacker. Adriel’s manicure is 5000x better than mine is, right now.


    1. Thanks. It took way too long to do lol

      And omg same. I wish I were a video game dude that gets fussed over.

  2. Okay, so now you know I can’t read lol. This wasn’t another Rei set, but an Adriel set. Ahem. As you already know. 😛

    Anyways, much as I love Rei, Adreil does rock the dress a little bit better (um, I think the shaved look just works better with dress, lol) But my comments still stand. Rei is gorgeous in the dress (even with hairy legs). I think it’s the mask (or masque, if you prefer) 😛

    1. Hahaha Yeeeeah Rei’s a bit further on the masculine side of things than Adriel or Sabrael (I have too many “iel/ael” characters dang). I’m with you on the legs/dress thing; I tried to cheat with the calf boots, but oh well 😛 It’s definitely that mask, tho!

      Speaking of -iels and pretty masculine dudes I haven’t said hi to Ariel in a long time…

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