Valerion: Pics and Mini-Backstory (SFW)

So, Valerion. He’s kinda resurfaced and, before he was even level 3, his game messed up, and I had to recreate him from scratch, since he was initially made before The Incident which made me save the preset and sculpt of every character, ever. So if he looks a bit different to you, it’s not your imagination. But he does look closer to what I had intended, which was the mental image of my longest-lived and favorite WoW character, Valerion Sunlancer.

I’m not entirely sure yet what his Elder Scrolls backstory is; I won’t go into his Warcraft history unless people want me to (and to be honest, if that’s the case I’d just as soon post the lone chapter of his actual story vOv. This is an ES blog, after all, but it’s MY blog so if there’s interest I don’t mind sprinkling some WC in for a moment). But the long-and-short of it is that he’s a free-roaming mercenary and thief. He might have connections here and there to various organizations, but on the whole, he is his own man.

In spite of his professions, he’s a sweet guy, willing to help where he can, selective when it comes to his work; he’d sooner assassinate a political target than someone’s unfaithful husband or wife, even if he’s aware of how such selection can reasonably be seen as arbitrary. He does have a tendency to break hearts…and is sometimes the cause of unfaithful husbands and wives, as much as he doesn’t really want to be. Sometimes he doesn’t know, sometimes it’s just hard to say no. Sometimes someone will catch feelings, and he’ll have to say so long. A kiss here, a one-night-stand there. One person has his heart, though…

Meanwhile, here’s a small clutch of screenshots for your viewing pleasure 😛 Enjoy~


  • Syl

    My favorite picture there is the magefire casting, followed by the ‘regretful mage with bandage’. He’s just delightful and the light bouncing off his face looks really good.

    I do think I like this version of him better.

    Maybe something about the shape of his nose is a tiny bit different? He has the same lovely eyes.

    • RefurbMadness

      I only wish he wasn’t gouging his eye out in that one. I liked it too much not to post, though. lol The profile of his nose is definitely different. This one has a more Aquiline thing going, although I really couldn’t say why. Beyond that I think it’s just that this face isn’t as long as the other so things just kinda shifted.

  • jumarbye

    A wonderful set showing him at his rakishly dashing best, I imagine. I can see why he’d break hearts…. 😀

    Love the hat! I know you said you had problems with it, but still….love it 🙂

  • Sym

    nice looking character, really like your backstory.
    funny about burning hisself (my dyslexia is kickin in so himself doesn’t register as a word to me today). I’m sure he’ll have no problem finding a healer willing to soothe his burns.
    Did you make his outfit in the first few pics? that’s pretty awesome.

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