Happy Sunday

My husband found this. I dunno who @LongFurbs is, but these are some long Furbs.

Hope y’all are havin’ a good day


  • Syl

    The end result was super disturbing lol. And that was even after I managed to delete out most of the floppy ears and eyes and whiskers etc.

    Kind of like people-shaped furry sausages with hoods.

    • RefurbMadness

      Oh my god. lol My girl cat was born with something her mom picked up. She deals pretty well, but one winter she had a viral flare-up so bad that her eyes were glued shut and she was super snotty, the works. So of course she got a whole sack full of meds. Eye drops, nose drops, anti-viral syrup. She’s a little slip of a thing, but you know how those are. Claws to infinity. So we wrapped her up in a beach towel, and oh lord, if looks could kill. Even with her eyes closed she looked so many daggers at me I nearly bled to death. We called her “Purrito de la Muerte” xD It was cute and hilarious until she started feeling better. >.>

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