Rei Ginsei’s Long Tongue is Long (not terribly NWS lol)

So. I have done. Basically nothing. Every story is stalled. Octavian is pretty much the only thing I finished in god knows how long. I do have a rather decent-ish update for Beach and Club coming up in the next few weeks. Pretty much just cleaning my closet of models that are finished but are not implemented anywhere. As you might imagine that whole situation is a bit frustrating, and my mind is a bed of chaos right now. Upset over petty, petty things.

So I thought it was time to pay attention to Rei for a while. Since he’s my favorite and all. I took him to his favorite little hidey-hole and just took pics. I realized far too late that there’s some confusion with regards to which body is in play so there’s some funny business with the jeans, and, somehow, he doesn’t have his tattoos on šŸ™ I forgot to put them there when I restarted. But ya know. It’s not a huge deal. Rei is always Rei, to me!

And anyway he’s shirtless and there’s a couple shots of him testing Artsick’s new tongue mod – with which he is quite happy!

Anywho, enjoy~


  • jumarbye

    No tattos, no problem. As you say, he’s still Rei (and sexy AF).

    The tongue does suit him, as Syl says, but! it’s a little disturbing, lol. šŸ˜€ One thing is for sure, Gene Simmons would be positively green with envy XD

    As to the clothes, hot damn! he looks hawt! But then, he is Rei after all. Would probably look hot in a potato sack. šŸ™‚

    • RefurbMadness

      Yeah I can’t say I find it sexy, per se, but I do so love the freak that he is šŸ˜› I’m glad you like the clothes, too! Kinda want to test this potato sack theory though… x3

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