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Hey everyone! First off, I hope you’ve all had a good Christmas, if that was your kick. I hope everyone gets some extra time off work, and if you don’t or if you had to work over the holiday while people were at home with their families, I hope you did a half-assed job because you’re the reason your bosses get to take that time for themselves in the first place!

Alright I’ll stop with the superficial Marxism. Anyway

So, as with countless other people, winter/the holiday season is just a bad time of year. Stress, dealing with family you don’t want to deal with, at all. Some people have SAD. I’m probably one of them. I don’t keep track. lol

Some additional things are going on in my life that compound all this. If you don’t know, don’t ask, if you do know, you’re not surprised. So what I’m going on about here may very well just be the product of a quadrillion pounds of weight on my brain, but stuff has been put into motion and I think it’s important to lay out what’s happening in terms of this blog and my presence on Nexus, especially since I’ve had concerns expressed about me suddenly disappearing, and I don’t want to make people wonder.

I have submitted the (surprisingly long) list of my published mods to the Care Taker on Nexus in the hopes that they will all get transferred over to that account for posterity. You’ve probably stumbled across one or two mods with the bright orange heading to that effect. Essentially my mods will still be around as long as Nexus and the Care Taker account are, but there’s no support, no more updates; you can comment, but there won’t be an author to read it. Permissions stay intact. It wasn’t a necessary thing, exactly, but it ensures them a place.

This won’t be an overnight thing, most everyone in front of me is a one- or two-mod request, but SydneyB is ahead of me looking to entrust her own library over, and if you know of SydneyB, you maybe have an idea of how huge that list is (she’s the one who did Princes of the Woods and all the Ashara stuff). Her stuff hasn’t been tended to yet, either. So what I’m saying is this isn’t some sort of last-nail-in-the-coffin thing, and that if someone comes along when my request gets processed, I don’t want them immediately assuming I’ve fallen off the earth or that something’s wrong.

I’m slowing down, and I’m sure you’ve noticed, and it’s cool and that’s what happens. I may or may not continue posting shots to Nexus, I don’t know. I do plan to finish the update to Beach and Club at the very least. I’ll post story stuff maybe, probably mostly screenshots. Maybe I’ll do a weekly compendium 😛 The grab bag was pretty fun.

So that’s what’s going on for now. You’ve probably guessed, if you didn’t know before, that I’m planning on leaving altogether. This was just kind of a “what’s happening now” so that it’s not some weird thing when I come up and say “WELL BYE!” lol We’ve got a while, yet.

Love ya all <3





  • jumarbye

    Hey Furb, thanks for the update. I totally understand where you’re coming from, and tbh, I’m glad you’re turning your mods over to the Caretaker. As you said, they’ll have a home where we who care can access them, and it takes (hopefully) oodles of pressure off of you.

  • Qewbix

    Totally understandable! It’ll be sad to see no more new stuff from you, but hey! You gotta do what you gotta do. 🙂 Less stress for you too lol Good luck!

    • RefurbMadness

      Oh there’ll be stuff here, if not a lot; I’ve “discovered” mashups and put in Blender they’re easier for me to handle so probably a couple of those might show up ^^

      Thank you <3

      • Qewbix

        Oooh! I’ll keep a look out once and awhile then. Also, maybe get caught up on your stories I mean to read, but get distracted by something else. >< And you're welcome 🙂

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