Scandalon: Work in Progress

(screenshots updated sorry about the cruddy ones)

Hey, still alive! Still alive and making someone that will hopefully have a warm home waiting in someone’s stables!

This project is twofold: First, I wanted to create Tauryon’s beloved steed from the ground-up. Second, I wanted to just do something about my complete and utter annoyance at Nexus’ baffling need to bodyshame horses.

So, in order to avoid a rant, let’s just talk about Scandalon! In my stories, my big horses are based on Percherons, specifically. These are tremendously huge animals bred – according to need/fashion – to either haul very large loads or as just some big-ass thing to ride. Or both. Scandalon, as with the original French horses which bore the name Percheron, is a war horse. Compared to the draft horses in Skyrim (that aren’t fat, Nexus), Scandalon is about 1.5x their size, which is to say, they are tall, but they still bear the general proportions of any other draft horse. So when you stand next to one it feels like you’ve been shrunk.

Scandalon is black-on-black, and I plan to give him proper armor. Bracelets, hoof caps, and proper armor and tack bearing Thalmor livery. So here’s some Blender screencaps. His barrel needs work, as you see in the above shot, it is way too sharply tucked. His neck is not as long as the vanilla horses, but rather compact and muscular, which is preferable if you’re expecting close combat. The chest, point-of-shoulder, and forearm are stronger and more defined. And he’s anatomically correct in tribute to Slof because lol why the hell not. There’s sculpting to do as he’s going to have a bespoke model space normal map generated.

TL;DR I’m making Scandalon and I want you all to have him when he’s done. And yes, he will be blog-exclusive. I’m done with Nexus in terms of uploading my shit.


  • Syl

    I was gonna ask about tuck but then I saw the top-down shot. Nice hocks. Nice pasterns. Looks a lot better than the vanilla horses.

    The last time I put a horse mod up, I think it was the one with the heritage coat colors, which was pretty cool.

    Black-on-black sounds really cool.

    • RefurbMadness

      So glad you like it. I’m probably going to leave the barrel width as-is since I kinda managed to back myself into a corner with it. I figure if Salvador Dali horses can be praised as ultra real and not horrifying, then a little issue with barrel width is nothing (lol if u think).

      Heritage sounds familiar, but I don’t know if it’s something I’d tucked away or something I remember you mentioning. I’m always down for coat colors. WAIT those were the ones with the Fjord and Greyfell, etc. right?

  • jumarbye

    How exciting to have a properly proportioned horse! He’ll put all the other horses to shame. Or wait, are the Skyrim horses all female (wha???) and Scandalon’s a male? Hmmmm, me thinks Tauryon’s horse will have a great time 😀

    Can’t wait to see him when he’s done 🙂

    • RefurbMadness

      I certainly hope he brings some diversity and a middle-ground between “generic draft” and “Salvador Dali toothpick legs”. lol

      Scandalon is, indeed, a male, but he is hella glam, don’t you worry! You’ll love his mane.

      Ever seen pictures of horses with curly manes? Gurrrrrl 😛

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