Hatomizu: Random Screenshots (NWS)

As usual killer migraines beget content! Mizu has a little bit more progress before she can have a playdate with Rei (she has no inner mouth, mostly), but part of my process of getting a custom race character into game is to transfer the original sculpt over to just make things cleaner (ie transferring xRMxMizuxHair to xRMxMizuxHair versus IcarusHL to xRMxMizuxHairline). I dunno how many people do it, but I do. Even if it doesn’t entirely matter. My point being that if I’m going to go in game I’m gonna take pictures. Although I really had no intention of heading into Knox, etc. but welp.

I’m pretty pleased with Mizu. I tried to keep “modern” Rei out of it, and I think I did an okay job. Modern or not, though, you can probably see how they played off each other. You may notice her tail and that it looks like a Draenei tail. Syllisjehane gets credit for that. She brought up the Draenei air she picked up on and I remembered the Draenei priest I rolled named after her. So I had to make a tail. Its model-space normal is not 100% so the lighting isn’t great, but it’s good enough for now.

Probably next week or so you will see a Clavicus/Rei shoot, the first ever, and one that has consistently made me cry enough that I’ve needed breaks lol I dunno what that says about how utterly broken I am, but here we are.

Enjoy girl-Sabrael!


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