Loosie – Sabrael + Rei (SFW)

I’m making a set of them to go with Rei and Clavicus. You know. To balance out the utter brokenness with happy!

And then I’m like “look at this pose it’s so cute right” and then Sabrael had That Look. I didn’t mean for him to look that way, but. You know sometimes things tell you without you telling them. Poor little thing’s starting to get a bit jaded, I think.

Anyway I had to see it and cry so now you have to, as well! Also it’s way too obviously cross-dressy for Nexoids. One set or another coming soon, depending on what I feel like 😀






  • Qewbix

    So totally adorable 🙂 Honestly, can’t tell that they’re cross dressing… lol People are so fussy these days. Glad you posted it here for us to enjoy! I got my Oldrim working again, so I can finally take more screenies of my Malys. I’ve been neglecting him. Is it me or does Rei look sleepy and content there?

    • RefurbMadness

      I dunno, Adriel gets away with things because I think he “passes” better than Sabrael does. I’m wary of anything else lol

      Rei does look content, bless ‘im. Gotta happen sometime 😛 And yay! I was actually thinking of Malys the other day. No reason, just kinda passed through and was like “hey”. hehe

      • Qewbix

        Been playing the crap outta Malys once I got his saves back. And playing with ENBs.. still trying to find one that fits without too much messing around lol

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