New Theme

It was time for a new look; my eyes really didn’t like the old one. Particularly the way certain things would turn white-on-white for reasons.

Anyway after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, here it is! Please let me know if it sucks so I can just revert back. I don’t have a whole lot of control over what I can do with this (my CSS knowledge stops around 2003) so probably fine critique and requests are not things I can do. For example, I have the luxury of choosing the background color AND the color of the text in the header! So.

Opinions welcome, just bear in mind they’re probably best kept to “this sucks” or “this is okay”. lol


Oh also there’s weird post categories for this? So if a post looks weird it’s because I’m mashing buttons sorry.


    • RefurbMadness

      Yeah that was a big annoyance on the other, clicking out of boxes and blanking things out…giving me heart attacks if I’d left a lengthy comment lol

      I am trying really hard to strong-arm some of the actual php though because I like this theme but there are a lot of things I don’t like about it T.T

      • Qewbix

        Hehe I understand that. I miss having the old post links on the side. It was easier to find and its only been a day since you changed the layout? lol

        There’s a reason why I play around with mods so much. Always something I like with one, but there’s just a little something that irks me 😛 Why I went through so many enbs lol

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