Scandalon Progress!

So Scandalon himself is sculpted and (kind of) textured. There are some buggaboos that need to be addressed, if they can be, but overall I’m happy with how things are coming along.

Some buggish things:
  • “Gumby” Forelegs – The front knees don’t bend sharply enough. That’s a weighting thing, and apparently a common one. If you’re familiar with this particular Unicorn, you’ve seen and know what I’m talking about, although that one isn’t quite as bad. I’m not sure how much it bugs me. Scandalon is 40% larger than normal horses (may bring that down just a bit) since he’s supposed to be Percheron-esque, but that makes the curvy legs more obvious. So hopefully I can get the 100% where it belongs and make sure it’s not so muddled with the other range of weights.
  • Player character clips through barding (armor). No idea how I’m gonna address that one.
  • Didn’t weight bridle/reins properly and the reins dip very low and don’t connect to the clip.
Good things:
  • Is 100% compatible with Convenient Horses, meaning that his mane will be removed properly for neck-covering armors. Unfortunately most armors will clip through his chest because he a big ol’ bubbah in terms of build.
So right now my plans are:
  • Fix leg and tack weighting
  • Make “everyday” tack
  • Somehow create an MCM/quest to allow you to choose bareback/tack/barding
  • Redo tail and fetlock hair and alpha properties

If anyone who reads this has scripting experience and wishes to help, I’d be so very thankful! I’m so bad at it. Send me a PM if you’re willing and if Fortuna does, in fact, smile upon me. Feedback welcome, in general.

So with that out of the way, here are a few in-progress pictures! I’ll try to get some in the daylight, too, don’t worry! Enjoy.



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