Status Update

Hey so it’s been a while, thought I’d say a few things since I’ve only been talking to a couple of you.

1. Recovering from scarlet fever (I know right), takes a bit since it doesn’t take much to put me down lately, but I’m picking up.

2. Scandalon will be a while as I reverse-engineer something or happen upon someone willing to help with scripting or until I figure out a way to allow players levels of tack and barding.

3. Will finally get Beach and Club updated, I just need to replace one of the sunglasses styles.

4. I’m going to be putting together something big. Probably very restrictive (see Fox armors), but hopefully worth it for some people. This mod will mean a lot to me, so look forward to that.

5. I have a great idea for screenshots…I know I’ve been waffling on that. But now I think I have a proper direction.

6. Serioustalk I’m showing signs of rapid cycling. I see my psych next week. In the interim (and maybe after) I will probably be more quiet, and if I’m not, please forgive me in advance for any craziness I exhibit, and if you send me a message and I react in a cranky way, it’s not you. Generally I’ll come out of it once a conversation starts, but if I’m in a very bad way I will politely excuse myself if I’m able.

7. I know I’ve been quiet, but it’s not because I’m upset with anyone. It’s just more of the above.

I think that’s it? Have a pretty Rei/Sabrael moment :3

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  • jumarbye

    I have been out of it myself as well. Horrible head cold or flu, whichever, followed by stomach flu. Missed so much work – been sick for three weeks +.

    Love the shot of Rei & Sabrael :3 I needed to see something sweet and lovely like that. Warms my heart. πŸ™‚

    • RefurbMadness

      Oh my gosh, I hope all that goes away real soon. Three weeks is way too long to be dealing with things like that πŸ™

      I am glad I could help you feel even just a little better though πŸ™‚ Sending all the hugs and healing thoughts your way! <3

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