Rei Ginsei’s New Look (Super NWS)

He can’t keep his pants on, you know. No but seriously this is another one with masturbation and its aftereffects, so if that bothers you just hop along. But it’s at the very, very end. You’ll know when it’s time to stop. If you don’t…you probably have no business being here lol

Anywho. I’ve been dicking around with Jareth the Goblin King as a costume for Rei. Not entirely sure why outside I can’t stop listening to heart-wrenching songs. Rei was based in part on David Bowie, so it seemed kinda natural (there’s a reason I had to explain Rei’s eyes and their functions…). So I sculpted his head some, shortened and squared off his chin, widened the nostrils. I should make the eyes smaller if I’m really going to go whole-hog, but I doubt I will. Made a reasonable facsimile of Jareth’s hair, made the makeup (that you can’t see cuz of the hair, dammit), and took a couple of bland and boring pictures. Because he didn’t really pull it off, and I don’t think he ever would.

But thanks to Aericura, I went and recolored his hair from blonde to Rei’s trademark red-on-white. I was reluctant because you go and try to copy something, I was worried I’d lose Rei, and then I’d be left with this thing hanging out for no reason. But oh my god! The additional sculpting and the hair were just what Rei needed. I need to darken his right eye…although that’s not a huge issue since he’ll be wearing his patch…but still!

So of course I have to share. I was using Snapdragon Prime with a set of custom LUTs, so bear in mind the ones I chose were color-selective so things aren’t entirely as they would normally seem. Particularly the right eye which is actually blue, but the LUTs wash it out and make him look blind. …Which I guess he kind of is, so yay I guess!

Enjoy, I know Rei is happy to be in the limelight again good and proper :3

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    • RefurbMadness

      Thanks! Even if it didn’t pan out the way I’d imagined I’m glad I had the idea. I’m also glad his eyepatch still fits. I would’ve been most vexed if I’d sculpted into uselessness.

  • jumarbye

    LOVE the new hair, the whole new look…and the pics! Thanks for sharing them!

    You have quite the knack of coaxing the best expressions out of Rei while he’s posing oh-so-effing-awesomely (or, I dunno, maybe no coaxing was involved 😛 )

    Fantastic set.

    p.s. tell Rei he doesn’t have to worry about wearing pants on my account 😀

    p.p.s I’m feeling better finally, thanks. I hope you are, too!

    • RefurbMadness

      So glad you like the set and Rei’s new look 😀 It grew on me real fast! And I’m also glad to hear you like my expression work! It’s really one of my “things”, at least so far as Skyrim will let me lol

  • Kronoz

    Wow, so amazing and hot! :p I love all the poses and scenarios.

    May I ask what are the outfits you are using? I really liked them. Also, do you use any mod to take the pics? I’d love to take some of my character but have no idea as to how. 😀

    • RefurbMadness

      Why thank you! 😀 So glad you enjoyed it. The outfit in the black-and-white pictures are my Nightingale Replacer, which you can download here:

      And the ones in color (except the platform heels) are from my Beach and Club mod here:

      I use a number of things to take my shots. Try these guys and play with them! I bet you’ll have some fun and get some good things going 🙂 I’ll list them from easiest to most difficult to get used to.

      Halo’s Poser Mod:
      (Biggest poser pack you can get your hands on that I know of. Mostly feminine, but a lot of unisex. Most of the poses Rei is using here are from this one…oh, and the download link is on the blue bar at the top of the page!)

      Poser Hotkeys:
      (these let you flip through poses so you don’t have to use rings or spells most poser packs make you use. SUPER handy!)

      FreeFly Cam Plugin:
      (this one’s a bit advanced, but it’s good to use for changing fov on the fly and angles)

      (this lets you position your character and other NPCs with precision, like Jaxon’s but with people!)

      That’s all off the top of my head. There’s poser mods all over the place if you look around 🙂 If you want more help you can totally PM me on Nexus!

      OH! If you’re not familiar with FNIS, you’ll need it for posing. I’ll def help you get set up with that if you need it 🙂

      • Kronoz

        I knew I saw those outfits somewhere! It just happens that I did not download your replacers before because I normally don’t like to replace armors, but I should’ve seen there was a standalone version! Gotta download all those juicy replacers now. ;P

        I have to say, thank you so much for your mods. I searched for good and sexy armors for my PC for too long and finding you was a blessing. Specially because other than you, no one seems to be willing to give men dresses and high heels, and I love those! So thank you so much. I LOVE you. ♥

        And, of course, thank you for the thorough explanation and the recommendations of mods. Gonna use them soon enough, specially because I’m about to craft the Sally Whitemane-inspired armor you made because I love that character and her armor is just perfect. And I know I’m gonna rock that outfit. 😛

        I’ll be anxiously waiting for your next updates here, love your work! 😀

        • RefurbMadness

          I am so glad to hear you like those particular mods 🙂 I wonder sometimes if I’m like one of two or three people who put my guys in dresses, so it’s always encouraging to know I’m not just screaming into a void!

          And you’re so welcome! If you mean the male Whitemane, it needs a bit of a tweak to work properly. You may or may not have noticed it, but if it bothers you, let me know and I’ll get on fixing it; I’ll be doing it anyway for the big mod, so don’t feel bad about asking if you need to ^^

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