Continuing download issues

As posted Friday, there are certain download links for my mods (ones that point to this domain) that will return an error. This is a server-side issue, and while it’s one I believe I could have resolved myself, I do not have access to the necessary folders in my control panel. So I’ve been at the mercy of Blue Host since Friday morning. I have not yet received a response to my fourth email reply to the admin team, and I don’t see this resolving before this next week is out.

I want to give them another 24 hours, which will also give me time to upload these files to my Mega account without me feeling rushed. If I don’t hear anything before Tuesday morning, I’ll redirect all the links. BlueHost really has been working hard on this, so I do want to give them a bit more time. If this becomes a sticking point, I’ll have to decide where to go from there.

The upcoming week features a trip to Houston, a trip to the vet, and various and sundry other unusual things stacked on a growing anxiety concerning my dog Timberlake. So this is not exactly something I was looking forward to dealing with, but unfortunately we don’t get to pick the cards we’re dealt.

tl;dr If a mod’s download link is broken, check back on 04/16

Thanks guys, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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