Dilandau Albatou: Just-for-Fun (pics sfw)

A friend and I were talking about anime that we used to watch, and The Vision of Escaflowne came up. It’s a mech one done in a style that leans more towards female demographics, so it’s a bit different from things like Gundam or Gatchaman and what-have-you. Worth a watch if you like anime and haven’t seen it. Can’t recommend the movie though. Yuck. That’s my controversial opinion of the day.

So in the vein of Rei, I decided that I would create the antagonist, Dilandau Albatou, in Skyrim. Dilandau is a wacky kid who likes fire and is essentially Beavis but with more education. He’s quick to anger, throws tantrums a lot, and burns things. He is not pleasant at all. But ya know.

He has a foil, a far more even-tempered dude named Folken. I’ll be creating him next. Opposite him on the good side is a knight by the name of Alan; my friend Aericura will be making him.

This isn’t for anything. It’s just something to do. I’ll make Dilandau’s armor at some point. But for now, here’s a few pics of his current state.



  • Anonymous

    There is no way I couldn’t comment on a set like this, as Escaflowne is one of my favorite animes of all time, I’m glad you gave it a watch and agreed on the movie. Dilandau was one of the best voice acted characters in the series. His screams of madness were on point for both VA. Also, the OST for the series is amazing. Before its time it was. Truly masterful, you give it a listen if you haven’t.

    My favorite track is a violin piece that I love to listen to while doing anything. Best of loves for the trip and well wishes for Timber. I hope he will be ok. Look forward to the big mod. Thanks for showing love to an incredible anime that’s sadly one of the greats that seem forgotten. Good vibes. Also if you like Escaflowne, you might want to give an anime called Fafner a try. The books are better for that one though.

    • RefurbMadness

      Hey there! Escaflowne is definitely one of the best ones, even if it came along well past the point of my interest in “modern” series (I got my Vampire Hunter D bootleg in 1987 if that tells you anything). I remember being given a bootleg of Escaflowne not too terribly long after it aired and being skeptical, but I am glad I gave it a go, too. Dilandau is absolutely one of my favorites, up there with Rei Ginsei and Miyu. His VA’s performance was definitely top-notch. I’ve played villains a couple of times (sopranos don’t get to be villains very often šŸ™ ), but never in a million years could I muster up a proper laugh worthy of a psycho like The Queen of the Night.

      I’ll have to see if I can dig up the soundtrack. I know I have it somewhere, but you know how it is when years pass. It’s easy to forget things, and I know I haven’t listened to it since…sometime. The theme has stuck with me, and it’s one of my favorites, but everything else is a bit of a blur.

      Fafner was on my radar for a little while, but I didn’t have the time for either the books or the show. I’ll give it a proper look though!

      Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you back when dear Mister Albatou has his armor šŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    No prob, and yeah definitely keeping a lookout for all releases so no worries. Keep doing what you do <3 . Hmm, who's Miyu? I might know but having a brain fart. I have been rewatching and feeling like anime lately, so love to know what show this character comes from, would give it a crack. Also been playing old games lately. Currently replaying legend of Dragoon.

    Aww, I'm sure you can pump out a good villain laugh. Hell stuff like that is fun to do. It's nice to scream every once in a while. Oh but yeah if you ever have time I'm sure you enjoy the soundtrack. Have tissues at the ready, the track that plays when Hitomi goes home always make me tear up.

    Fafner might be hit or miss for you, but I got a soft spot for the two male lead characters. In Escaflowne, Van was my favorite character in the series followed by his brother Folken and Dilandau being a close third or tied second. The main lead in Fafner is similar to Van in personality so I'm biased lol. Anyway good Vibes.

  • jumarbye

    Oh! So here he is! Well, okay, I can see what you mean about not hugging this guy. That’s okay, I’ll just admire from afar. šŸ˜€

    Never saw Escaflowne, hence my ignorance, but when hubby and I were looking to check out some anime, we had No Idea what was good. The kid is my go-to person for all things JRPG, but she knows some games, not anime per se. Although she doesn’t tell me everything she watches of course….

    • RefurbMadness

      Anime is a bit of a deep pond to wade into these days. If you have Netflix, Lupin III is on there and The Castle of Cagliostro which is a movie from that series. That’s a good place to start, I think. Funny, good characters, good story. It’s based on a series of old mystery novels, but it’s way less serious.

      Also Cowboy Bebop if you like SciFi, that one borrows a lot of film noir elements. More serious than Lupin III, but a really good time. I dunno if that one’s on Netflix, but it is on DVD (maybe BluRay, I dunno).

      And really any Studio Ghibli. Don’t recommend Nausicaa just because it’s not written well and goes on way too long, but Spirited Away is fantastic. Arietty and the Little People is adorable. And Princess Mononoke will make you cry lol But those last three as just wonderful, whether you’re into anime or not.

      So yeah there’s Furb’s Recommended Anime Starters That Are Easy to Find šŸ˜› A lot of what I love you can’t get anymore, anywhere. Vampire Hunter D is on BluRay now, though, and has both the original subtitles and the dub. The dub’s awful. It’s also pretty gory in a way modern anime isn’t so that might not be entirely up your alley. lol

      • jumarbye

        Hey, thanks for the recommendations! šŸ™‚ When hubby & I are ready to wade into that particular pond again, we’ll have something to start with – very helpful. We’ve been into Ghost Adventures lately, so an Entirely Different Genre šŸ˜€

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