Beach and Club Delay

I’ve gotten questions and I have an answer.

It had been my aim to have the updated B&C mod up on Saturday.


A perfect storm of utter failure and angry tears consumed the project and so now what it has come down to is a lot of resculpting and remapping UVs. I thought I’d have it done today, but that ain’t happenin’ for various reasons. Not least of which it being Mother’s Day, a day which my mother and I use as an excuse to go to a local-ish meadery and buy all the wine because they have really good holiday sales.

But probably Tuesday or Wednesday at the very latest. But don’t think the wait isn’t worth it! All this has been in the name of better jeans. So a better fit, a better shape, and textures that are a lot better than the originals. This will also apply to the cut-offs because I make ’em just the way you do in real life. With scissors.

So hang tight. I know I was hinting it would be sooner, but it’s worth the wait, I promise.


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