Mod Download: Beach and Club v. 1.51a

So this will be the permanent page for this mod, and I will work on getting the old demo pics over here and getting rid of that eyesore page that didn’t take to the last theme change. So bookmark this one, if that’s your thing, or subscribe to get notifications of updates.


This mod adds a decent collection of modern clothes for men (currently), geared towards summer fun. It’s kinda strayed from the “club” part but I’ll deal with that. Much of what’s in here are things from my youth, male crop tops, vintage graphics, etc. But there’s also things from the early 90’s, many from more recent years. If hanging out in the sun is your dude’s jam, or if you’re just looking to expand his wardrobe, maybe give this a try!

Change Log

Version 1.51a
  • Fixed filepath for leather pants to appropriately point to the “pants_1.nif” instead of “pans_rip_1.nif”. This will fix the issue of leather pants disappearing when partially submerged in water.
version 1.51
  • Fixed clipping issue between V-neck shirts and jeans waistband
  • Added crew-neck T-shirts in jersey and mesh varieties
  • Added denim skater shorts
  • Added Converse high tops
  • Added smart watches
version 1.5
  • Mirrored aviator shades in a wide range of colors (or at least as mirrored as you can get)
  • Shutter shades
  • RayBan Wayfarer(ish) shades in two frame/lens colors
  • Super slim-fit V-neck shirts
  • Buttonless 3/4 sleeve blazers
  • Totally resculpted and retextured jeans/pants, and cut-off shorts
  • New vendor to make inventory more manageable (see below)
  • Removed long sleeved shirts due to continued issues with the mesh. I hope to have it figured out soon, but one of those things where you fix one problem and create five more somehow. Very sorry for this.



Find the Solitude Lighthouse. Just to the left you’ll find a disused dock, where two charmingly clueless wanderers who missed the left turn at Albuquerque wonder how they got there. To make their way back to Stros M’kai and the sun, Sharky sells clothing and Kai sells accessories.

Both Sharky and Kai can be married, if you’re of a mind. Make sure your character owns a vanilla home or that you have a mod that allows you to set NPC residences (make sure you set said residence BEFORE you propose).


Reminder that old screenshots will be migrated here. For now you can see them here (bad page of hideousness) and here!


Known Issues

  • V-Neck tops clip with the waistband of the jeans/pants in relaxed poses. Will fix ASAP. solved


Choose one:

To install just use a mod manager or drop the contents of your chosen file into your Skyrim/Data folder.

Things to know

  • If you install this mod and you notice the inventory meshes are missing and the clothing meshes are invisible when you put them on, try unpacking the BSA! 🙂 This isn’t a common issue, but it does happen from time to time with various mods.
  • The t-shirts will clip with your character’s arms during extreme motion (stretching over head, etc). The body mesh is intact underneath it, to accommodate the mesh transparency. I’ve tried to minimize this as much as I can, but there’s a point at which things start to look ridiculous.


This mod, in whole or in part, MAY NOT BE MONETIZED.

Please do not reupload this file to other sites, including reddit and Nexus.

Individual assets (except for those used for Kai and Sharky’s eyes/hair/etc) may be used in your personal projects as long as:

  • credit is given to RefurbMadness and a link back to this page is provided
  • the mod in question is not being used to make money

Future plans

  • UNP integration
  • Dressier shoes
  • A few more accessories like necklaces and possibly another watch or two (oy)


VectorPlexus – SoS Body and Framework

Kalilies/Stealthichaos – KS Hairdo’s Renewal

Nuska – Ethereal Elven Overhaul

Lind001 – Lind’s Elven Eyes

LogRaam – The Eyes of Beauty

Leito86 – FemFeet Redesigned

Bug Reports, Etc.

If you see anything funky, let me know in a comment here or via PM on Nexus or via email


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