Mod Download: Furb’s Horns and Ears

Hey guys, it’s another download! Today I’m bringing you some horns for your awesome guy or gal to wear! I was gonna break my no-more-Nexus rule but then I remembered why it exists. lol

Pics are at the very end of this page so as to not bury the download link.


I wanted to update a couple of characters’ horns, and it’s nice to practice the whole  “tapered mesh” dance once in a while. So in this mod you’ll find SEVENTEEN different horn styles  associated with animals in the caprinae subfamily. The names are more like loose suggestions, but the horns are inspired by animals such as (obviously) goats and the larger antilope family. Some are arranged in a more fantasical way than others, but if you play a naturalistic character like a faun, or something more of the Biblical demon flavor, you might find what you’re looking for here!

I also made some cute li’l goat ears to wear. They’re nothing special, but they at least aren’t made of neon plastic!

Horns take slot 51
Ears take slot 44

If those slots don’t work, it’s super easy to change them at home with xEdit and NifSkope (download for 2.0 dev7 is a ways down, it’s under the teeny heading labeled “assets”; if you’re on a 32-bit system you’ll need an older build). If you need help, I’ll happily help, but I can’t reasonably accommodate everyone’s preferences in this case.



Or the console

But seriously AddItemMenu

In an item search, look for “horns -“


RM Horns


Do not republish this mod in whole, anywhere. Nothing in this mod may be monetized!


You may use these assets in your published mods without permission, so long as your mod isn’t being sold or is otherwise monetized. Please also give a credit and link back to this page. I surely do appreciate it.


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