Mod Preview: Tank Girl Cosplay for UNP (so very NWS)

I started this like a year ago and lost my drive or something. But finally it is almost 100% complete!

And I know what it says up there, but I can’t definitively say that it is “Tank Girl”, but, rather, an homage. If you aren’t familiar, Tank Girl is a comic book character, created, in part, by Jamie Hewlett, whom many people primarily know as the artist behind the virtual band Gorillaz. She came about in the mid-80’s, coinciding with labor, gay, and feminist movements in the UK. She wasn’t necessarily a response to these movements, but she was readily adopted by sex-positive feminists, lesbian groups, and general female punkers as a symbol for female empowerment.

Tank Girl – or, more properly, Fonzie Rebecca Buckler – is a girl living in a dystopian punk Australia. She drives and lives in a tank, along with her boyfriend, a mutant kangaroo named Booga (he knocked her up no joke). The comics are insane, don’t adhere to traditional definitions of “plot”, and are very disorganized. But that’s their charm.

Tank Girl is her own girl. She doesn’t hew to any real style or notions concerning feminine style, but you can bet that whatever it is, it’s gonna be hypersexualized: from nipple tape as a top to a dildo in a bespoke hip holster. She’s dirty, her hair is never what one would call “styled”, and she loves it.

Below are a few pieces, things which, on their own have no real meaning, but when put together I think summons up some of her mojo. That’s 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition on her belt, and yes I made an M14 (the M60 wasn’t coming along) that I still need to work out the logistics of. I might just make it a “crossbow” for posing purposes! I’m almost done with an M1 helmet, and I might make an aviator cap, as well.

But here’s what I’ve got so far!


  • Syl

    Pretty cool!

    I called over the expert and he approves!

    You’ve really got that whole aesthetic down, right down to the grain on the pics!

    • RefurbMadness

      Yay! So glad y’all like it 🙂 Brings back fond memories, which I guess is why I picked it back up. Need some therapeutic something-or-other to fritter away the time waiting for adjustments to do their thing lol

    • RefurbMadness

      omg It’s you! 😀

      Happy you like her! I didn’t think of FO4 until a friend asked if that’s what it was for. Shame I don’t play it 😛 Maybe I can hold his hand through porting it xP

    • RefurbMadness

      Glad you like it! I dunno about BodySlide though, I have yet to produce anything not horrifically broken with it ^^;

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