Screenshot Grab Bag 2 (NWS)

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, and boy, this one’s a doozy. 80+ images all for your viewing pleasure! Although it seems lately no one gives a shit, but who cares I’m doing this anyway. The NWS is because Hatomizu (remember her?) makes an appearance and being that I forgot what her wardrobe consists of, I just put her in her default, which is a sheer Nocturnal thing. So no particularly fun things. lol

There’s a lot of landscape things, as for once I’d been playing and, all told, I like landscapes more than posing. Aria and Romlyn are in here, as are Cymbeline, Anum-La, and their animal entourage. And, naturally, there’s our friends Rei Ginsei, Sabrael, Adriel, and even…TAURYON! Because I finally got his new hair set up. It’s wrong, but I don’t mind. Also featured are a couple of my own poses. And also Valerion!

ENB’s used are Nosgoth ENB and Tetrachromatic. All of these are undoctored (except one that squiggled through, but it was apparently only to fix a lighting issue), unlike the bits I put up on Nexus.

Anyway I can’t sleep so I’m rambling. Enjoy!

Also please feel free to read into Rei and Tauryon stumbling out of an inn drunk. Without Sabrael.

But don’t get too hung up on the repeated use of Ciri’s outfit. I just like it.

EDIT: It seems the images are hanging in the gallery while trying to load. I’ll keep an eye on it and see about getting something else set up if I need to. But yes, I know, and I wouldn’t worry since this one is usually pretty quick.


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  • Syl

    Ahhh! All this and Vile! He’s looking mighty good these days. And I assumed that Sabrael has already fallen sound asleep, and these two are going out for round 2 of fun.

    I do love Tauryon’s new hair and Cymbeline is as delightfully gamine as usual.

    And, oh, right Ciri’s outfit. It did look kind of familiar but I couldn’t place it. I do think Adriel wears it best of all, though don’t tell the others I said that.

    Were the character shots the Nosgoth? Because I wasn’t quite sure it was the Tetra.

    • RefurbMadness

      Glad you like them 😀 I think Adriel wears it best, too, even though I did originally convert it for Sabrael lol

      Tauryon/Rei are Tetra, I think most of the Clavicus/Rei are Tetra. Hatomizu is Tetra, and Cymbeline and Aria are all Nosgoth. Adriel is Nosgoth…I think. I like letterboxing and that kind of muddies things when it comes to telling things apart sometimes lol

      • Syl

        I found myself having to fiddle with letterbox height to tell Rudy from Snowfall Weathers from… I forget. The Tetra still looks good, doesn’t it, for being such an old one?

        There’s a new tree mod coming out soon so I’ll probably drop back to NLA for a bit. We’ll see.

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