Welp, I’m on Patreon

Hey guys. So, there’s a Patreon link over there, and it explains its purpose more fully, but I want to take a moment to tell you that this is not an effort to monetize my mods. Nothing is being put behind a paywall, nobody is being given preferential treatment.

The long and short is that I have medical bills that aren’t covered by insurance anymore, which makes this site a very profound sort of luxury. I don’t wish to return to Nexus as I don’t feel safe there outside what little I do now and then. I feel better able to express myself here, I like meeting new people in a way that I never did on Nexus.

All funds raised go to this site. Whether you donate for a month and leave, whether you donate a quarter (can you do that?), it is very much appreciated.

If I can do something big to thank everyone, I’m open to ideas. If you have suggestions as to how my Patreon is run, please, by all means.

Ultimately, I just thank you for considering. I’m not gonna pull some highroad crap certain people like to do across the street. No Google here. No ads.

And, as I say on the page, I’m not asking a lot. Any bit helps.

Thank y’all so much for reading.

And for not yelling at me for doing a thing. lol

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