Scheduling and Structure

Hey, so being that I started the whole Patreon deal, I figure I should do more to justify its existence. Up until this point things have been kind of as-they-happen, but I think – for my own betterment, as well as anything else – having some sort of schedule and different things could be nice.

So for starters, I would like to post a mini-mod every Tuesday. It’s a good way for me to practice certain things, and you get to benefit directly from that practice! These will probably consist of accessories, makeup packs, small things. I realize that winds up being a lot of teeny plugins, but honestly Merge Plugins is a really great thing for this sort of application and I highly recommend it (for example, I went from 252 active plugins to 173 after merging a bunch of clothing and accessory mods). I want to aim for these mods to be unisex, as well.

I’ll warn you now that jewelry will probably be very high-poly because I can’t stand alpha-channel chains lol But they don’t tend to be machine-breaking.

Also, I would like to do live-streaming on Saturday afternoons where I’m able (this allows for reasonable times overseas, as well as here). I have it in my head to work in Blender and Photoshop, but if the consensus is to have me play I might do that as well as/instead of. Talk to me about this one. I tried this once before and I don’t remember if I chickened out or if I looked at Twitch setup and went “meh” and walked away. Both scenarios are likely!

And of course between all that I’ll be able to work on my fanfic and more substantial mods at my leisure.

Does that sound good? I think it’s doable.


  • David

    Loving the idea of the mini-mods! 🙂 Just be sure to take care of yourself and not overdo things just to meet a weekly self-imposed deadline, ok? Ok!

    • RefurbMadness

      Overdo things connected with self-imposed deadlines? Well that doesn’t sound like me ;P

      Don’t worry, I will make a solid effort to not do that!

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