Mini-Mod Tuesday! Follower: “Eagle-Eye” Joe

Now and again I write about someone or something enough, I have to make it “real”. If you’ve read Aria’s story, you are familiar with this skeezy mercenary…you’ll also probably notice he’s a Nord and not a Breton in this mod, but morph files make me sad. Still! I gift you this follower. Pix below!


Eagle-Eye Joe is a sharpshooter with no real qualms about the jobs he takes. He’s been around, and he’s shrewd and street-wise. As your follower, he comes with his own special bow and outfit (which is a recolor of an existing one, I know, I know), all of which are of Elven level. In the interest of balance (I don’t like my followers doing all the work, personally), he’s on par with about a mid-level archer, but he has a few tricks to counterbalance, such as the Bullseye perk which grants a chance to paralyze targets. In addition, he’s equipped with several vital sneaking perks if you’re the lurky sort who also likes company now and again.

Oh, and, yeah it goes without saying he doesn’t give two shits if you commit crimes!

He uses the MaleSlyCynical voice (see below), which is Belethor/Mercer/Sorex Vinius/etc. So if you’re like me and you could just listen to Stephen Russell be a scuzzbag all day, you can marry him! Not really Joe’s deal, but I bet the right person could convince him ;P

You can find him in the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun.


Schlongs of Skyrim (or XPMSE or equivalent skeleton; he simply uses SoS’s body and requires the bone support)

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul – This allows Joe to be a follower using the MaleSlyCynical voicetype. Without it, you won’t get the option to recruit him. If you want an option that doesn’t need it, let me know if there’s a “vanilla” voice you’d prefer. Personally I’m just kinda tired of Erik the Slayer and Ralof. lol

Recommended Mods

Extensible Follower Framework, Amazing Follower Tweaks, or another follower management system (I use EFF)

Apachii Divine Elegance Store; Joe looks just fab in the wolf fur Robin outfit. Golly!


“Eagle-Eye” Joe Follower by RefurbMadness



This mod may NOT be republished elsewhere.

Joe’s bow and stock outfit are free to use for whatever reason, so long as credit and a link to here as well as to Simple Outfits for Men are given.

All other assets are listed in the credits, and you must adhere to those authors’ guidelines.


VectorPlexus – SoS Body Meshes

MandragoraSprouts – Vitruvia Skin Texture Overhaul for Males

LogRaam – The Eyes of Beauty

Blabba – Citrus Heads

Kalilies + Stealthic – KS Hairdo’s Renewal

ArtByMari – A smile HD



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