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Edit: Yeah so tiers have been set up> I’m in the process of slowly poisoning myself so give me a minute when I can rememeber php k. l goodnight.


Hey guys, so I have two patrons (yay!), who were and are very gracious.

However, it made me re-think my stance on tiers. I realize that I said there would be no preferential treatment, but it really does suck if you give a decent amount and have nothing to show for it, in this context. There’s also no real incentive. And I totally get that. I mean I won’t lie, I’ve donated to Patreons for a shirt or something. Is it a bad thing? Maybe. The person I got the shirt from got a few months of help from me, though.

That said, I want things to be personal, so, like, no mods suited to everyone that are being kept under lock and key. But I would like your help if you’re willing to give it in some fashion.

Here’s my ideas:

  • $5 – Name gets put somewhere I’m not sure where yet. It’d be easier if I were a YouTuber lol
  • $10 – ^ plus family-friendly screenshot of a character of your choosing, only available to you.
  • $15 – ^^ plus non-nude pinup of a character of your choosing (can also be another family friendly one)
  • $20 – ^^^ two nude pinups (or more family friendly if you want)
  • $25 – ^^^^ Custom preset just for you
  • $35 – ^^^^^ Small custom accessory (custom-fit facial piercings, masks, jewelry, etc)
  • $45 – ^^^^^^ Basic follower (no custom eyes/outfit/etc)
  • $60 – ^^^^^^^ Follower/Mercenary (custom outfit and accessories, custom eyes/hair color/makeup/warpaint, custom weapon/spells)

So let me know what you think, I guess. Note again that these would be 100% tailored; not things which would have been released were it not for a donation tier. I did the screenshots because I dunno, people seem to like them, and once you get up to four shots for one person, that is a bit of work if you’re really wanting something special.

And I would break my back to give a donor something special. Also thought has to be given to time.

So anyway. Feedback! Email, Nexus, comments. You know how to chew me outreach me!


  • RyanMayfair

    Wow, that’s an impressive list of tiers/rewards! I just wish my circumstances permitted me to do more than I am, but I hope to see many others taking advantage of your offer. 🙂

    • RefurbMadness

      Well lord knows it isn’t final lol Those low tiers are kinda blah. But regardless, your contribution is priceless and you’re so super amazing 😀 I’m thinking a pretty word cloud or something.

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