Mini-Mod Tuesday! Furb’s Basic Makeup Pack

Guess what time it is??? It’s time for your girls to expand their Caboodles case a bit, and it’s time for your boys to finally buy a Caboodles case!


This mod adds 50 overlays for both male and female characters with the aim of modern beautification and style. That said, if you’ve ever done theatre you know that most, if not all of these, can also function as lore-friendly means of making features ~*~POP~*~ for screenshots. This collection includes layer-able eyeshadows, a decent variety of eyeliners. There’s lipstick and lipliners, as well as blush/highlight patches to use alongside or in lieu of vanilla tintmasks. The patterns are the same for both male and female, so no one is left out, and there’s no need to go trying to make things fit (although you can if you want to). I should note that Ombre 1,2,3 and Jareth 1,2 (for both shadow and liner) are labeled in order of their layering, so you’d want ombre start with 1, etc. But of course you’re not remotely limited to that!


These are makeup, which means that, in RaceMenu, you will find them under the “Makeup” tab. Press “T” to select the pattern you’re after, and for mine you can filter for “RM Female” or “RM Male”.


The two models I used to demo the overlays are models who’ve had way less work done on them in RaceMenu than others. I chose them so that you can more accurately see what you’ll be getting.


There’s a reason you don’t see many makeup mods outside bespoke texture packs and meshes and those created custom for their own characters. The shape of your base head mesh, your particular morph (.tri) files, and even the facial normal map can affect the look of particularly delicate paints such as those for eyes. And, of course, sculpting can further affect the appearance. I’ve tried very hard to mitigate these issues, though!

The models you see below who are just modeling and not acting as mannequins run the gamut of builds, so I hope those will give you an idea as to how wide the gamut can run while still giving you lots of fun! I’d like to have done more but it’s nearly midnight and I want to cry. lol


RaceMenu by Expired6978


Furb’s Basic Makeup 4k

Furb’s Basic Makeup 2k

Tips n Tricks

Oh no, you have this awesome vision of gradients and wow, but some makeup slots are greyed out for no raisins!

No worries! Go back one tab to “Colors”. These are all the usual tintmasks collected in one place. For each mask you don’t need/want, go and make their colors transparent. Also beware your hair/skin colors are in there so don’t get too cavalier. lol 

Aw, damn, when I apply the paints they’s all pixelated!

Buck up there, pardner, this is easy as pie to fix!

Navigate to data/SKSE (likely in the overwrite folder for MO users). There may or may not be a file called SKSE.ini. If there’s not one, just open up Notepad and create one! Whether it was there, or whether you had to make one, just paste the following into it:


“4096” can be changed to whichever resolution you like. So if you downloaded the 4k version of this file, leave that snippet as is! If you downloaded the 2k file, change it to 2048. The pixelation comes when you’re using a file that’s bigger than the parameters set in the ini, so always double check!



Please do NOT reupload this mod elsewhere

Otherwise please feel free to do what you like with the overlays, including use in followers and presets. Please give credit, and also please link to this page if you publish anything using these assets.


RaceMenu by expired6978

vwr RaceMenu Mod Maker by vinniewryan. Seriously without this I’d never make overlays ever because UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHSOTEDIOUS.

So go give him kudos or whatever if you like this mod. Or basically any mod like this because there’s a non-zero chance it was made using his program.

Non-Me Overlay

The body overlays you see on Valerion come from Weathered Nord Bodypaint by DomainWolf. Just if you’re wondering.

Pix (i almost forgot these sry)

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« 1 of 2 »



  • Qewbix

    Yay! Makeup for both! Ty so much! lol You were right. I would like this one 🙂 So hard to find makeup mods for male as well >< Good job! Hope you didn't stress yourself out too much though lol

    • RefurbMadness

      Yay I hope you like it 🙂 Stress wasn’t an issue until I realized I hadn’t taken screenshots or made the page until like 10pm last night lol

      Ah, good ol’ ADHD. xP

      • Qewbix

        I love it! Just need to fiddle with Malys’ makeup at some point. Was playing around with the girls lol Malys will get his turn tomorrow ;P

  • Sym

    Ok my brain is fried, my addhd is in full swing, and I’m running low on data, so I will just ask, cant get it to work, not showing up, any direction you can point me. I apologize if this is not the correct place to post this, but I’m not leaving my cave til I get my eyeliner and lipstick…..Breathe…Thanks for your work to make my game great.

    • RefurbMadness

      You’re good! I guess the first thing to ask is whether you have the latest version of RaceMenu, and then if you’re looking at the tab labeled “makeup”. And then you can filter for RM to find my stuff. I know that’s like super obvious stuff, but best to start simple than run around taking things apart only to find out the thing’s unplugged 😛

      Email me, though, if you need more help: r e f u r b @ f u r b s . b l o g (without the spaces) We’ll get this knocked out yet ^^

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