Hey guys, just so ya know, there’s a Discord server up. There’s a link over there in the sidebar, just bear in mind I’m a Luddite and have no idea. All’s I know is you can just come in here and tear everything up. Not that you would think so! There’s a general channel, one for mod discussion, one to share screenshots with each other, and a voice channel everyone has access to.

So I hope to see summa y’all! And any tips n tricks are appreciated!


  • jumarbye

    Okay, so if you’re a Luddite, I’m a Troglodyte. Gonna have to get the kid to help me figure out how to use Discord (she’s on it all the time). Then I’ll check it out. šŸ˜€

    • RefurbMadness

      Oh yay! We would love to have you stop by šŸ˜€ That way you and me can have solidarity in the technological ignorance department šŸ˜›

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