Mini-Mod Tuesday! Heart and Pride Navel Rings

It’s that time again, and this time I come bearing jewelry!


In here you’ll find a variety of navel rings (I know, I know BUT I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I’ll give you something else later I promise). All are wearable by both sexes. Five are heart-shaped pendants with sparkly gems inlaid. The rest are an assortment of queer identity symbols, including the transgender symbol, bisexual symbol. gay/lesbian symbols, and individual Venus/Mars symbols. There’s also a straight pendant in there because reasons.

If there’s a symbol or flag not in here you’d like to see, just tell me and I’ll add it!

This is for you, Y! We’ve had our differences but if there’s one thing you know it’s being yourself! <3


Go to any forge with one gold ingot and find the piece you’d like under jewelry and create it!


Dimonized UNP

Schlongs of Skyrim (full or lite, does not matter; Better Males Favored Soul may possibly work as a substitute)


Here ya go


This mod or any aspect may not be monetized!

This mod may NOT be published in whole elsewhere.

Otherwise please do what you feel like doing with these, just so long as you please credit me and provide a link back to this specific page!


The jewels are faceted and they do reflect light. I really couldn’t get a good shot with any ENB, but hopefully you’ll get an idea from the pix as to what they look like. I do very much apologize for the shitty quality >.<

Also do remember this lightbox will allow you to see the full resolution image!



  • Qewbix

    Oooh Shiny! Why does that spelling not look right to me..? Shiney… Shiny.. anyways. I’ll have to give these a try. Made a new character and found out something interesting. He does not like to wear underwear. Or any of those that come with your Unicorn outfits, or light glass armor >< (Honestly, I know its a bug, but lets just go with his enjoyment of going commando) But, anyways, these will fit his attitude of loving shiney things ;P Good job!

      • Qewbix

        Nah not bugs from you. Think its the SoS thing. I had that issue before, but it seemed to fix itself once I loaded back in. Though … I did have him in Windhelm and he might’ve deemed it too cold to go commando ;P ><

        • RefurbMadness

          Ah, gotcha. Usually when SoS gets up to shenanigans I go hit the “clean schlongified armors” button in the MCM. Sometimes ya gotta re-equip, sometimes it doesn’t work, but hey, ya tried lol

  • Kronoz

    This are amazing!!

    Well, I don’t want to sound cheeky but since you said if we’d like to see any symbol… Getting the Bi symbol/falg would mean a lot. If you feel up to it, anyways.

    Thank you for your hard work!!

    • RefurbMadness

      I can totally add a bi symbol! Dunno how that slipped past >.< Just give me a couple days and I'll have one for ya 🙂

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