Mini-Mod Tuesday! Venetian Carnival Masks

If I hadn’t been fretting over these I could say “betcha didn’t see these comin’!” Oh well.

These masks are for both male and female characters!


In the 1100’s, the world was given a gift: The Carnivale di Venezia, a religious celebration that began on the festival of Santo Stefano, just after Christmas, and ran all the way through Shrove Tuesday, or, what has become a catch-all excuse for drunken shenangians: Mardi Gras! Now, Mardi Gras and Lent are long behind us, but let’s be real. MASKS ARE FUCKEN FUN! And pretty! I think.

This is a very small mod because of the effort required of the meshes, but I hope you find that they’re pretty enough to make up for it!

Two designs are here, both half-face, and each design has two color paint varieties. These are not the simple half-masks we’ve seen in other mods. These are porcelain, with painted enamel and decoupage. The normal maps were very carefully crafted, and the environment maps were tweaked just so to allow the enamel to really shine where it needs to!

Diffuse textures are 4k, with 2k normals and environment maps. This shouldn’t cause any particular performance issue unless you’re putting these on everyone.

I’m open to ideas for other styles for possibly another installment! I will not take requests for full-face masks as those are best suited for personalized application. Real life is one thing, but trying to get masks to fit near-universally in Skyrim is another.

That said, do bear in mind that a $25 pledge on my Patreon entitles you to one new personal accessory for every month you’re subscribed! Just throwing that out there in case a particular character needs a custom-fitted mask.

Okay I’m done, I’m sorry.


It seems after a celebration in Solitude, the sisters of Radiant Raiment misplaced a small box of extra masks. No reason why you shouldn’t take them – out of sight, out of mind, right?

The box is behind a bench on the right wall  by the counter on the first floor. Look for Rei’s good eye!


These masks should fit all humanoid races, including orcs. There are no Khaji’it or Argonian meshes at this time. If there’s demand, I’ll really see what I can do, but for now this is what it is.


Venetian Masks



This mod may not be republished in whole elsewhere.

Otherwise feel free to use these in your mods with no permission. Only please give credit and a link back to this page!


Click for larger!


  • DragonflyxParodies

    So I followed your blog not really expecting you to get active again or anything and then you did?? and I feel bad just dl stuff and not saying anything so; thank you so much for your work? And for making it public? Like legit, when I’m trying to find inspo on how to mod my game I check your stuff out so it’s really cool to see you still posting/etc. Thank you 😀 and I hope we get to see some more cool stuff from you in the future!

    (also yes the masks r beautiful damn)

    • RefurbMadness

      Aw man, thanks for that 🙂 I’m so happy that my stuff helps inspire you! Right now I’m trying to find a balance between blog posting, weekly mod posting, and actual mod posting, so it might take me a bit to get back into the proper swing, but I think things are about to smooth out soon! I hope I can keep doin’ ya proud <3

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