Off the Drama Horse, Having Some Thoughts

Hey guys, so I apologize for the “taking my ball and going home” post the other day. I was hoping to maybe get the mod up today, but Blender continues to be a brat with this particular mod (no idea why, god help me), so I’m just putting it aside in the pile for now.

Meanwhile, there’s the concept of Mini-Mod Tuesdays that needs to be addressed. You know people start doing things and initially it seems okay, but it comes to light sooner rather than later that the model is unsustainable. I really didn’t have time to do much those weeks I did it. There were a few fun things I did, but they were squeezed into slots I really shouldn’t have been making. I was stressed out, my depression got much worse, and each time I was running up against the deadline. Which I don’t like. A friend proposed, and I’d like to try, every other Tuesday. That gives me time to think, to execute, and to rest when I need to rest. We’ll see how that goes, and if that for some reason doesn’t work (I don’t really want to know what would cause that), I want to perhaps try to gather some of you (those willing) to have a discussion. Becaaaaaaaaaaause…

My Patreon is still there and I don’t feel like the two patrons there are getting much out of it. The idea behind it is to improve the site in various ways and while I appreciate very much their contributions, I feel kind of shitty for not having much to show for it. So I’d like to set something up to discuss means of increasing my patrons, including tier rewards, fundraising goals, that sort of thing.

Meanwhile, being that there haven’t been mods, I want to do some polishing on my big gender-bending mod and release what I have as part 1. I know it’s been anticipated by a few people, and I think it’s time to finally just put up what I have as a good-faith offering. lol All it needs are a couple of texture recolors, and then one last conversion which shouldn’t take very long.

Thanks for listening. Reading. If you have any thoughts about any of this, you know what to do. Contact form up at the top, comment form down below this!



  • Pewp

    Chill Dude. No one’s holding you to a deadline. We hope but considering your health issues, we certainly understand.

    I’ve never posted a comment but I love your mods… even the ones that don’t fit into my game.

    Keep doin’ you.

    • RefurbMadness

      I’m chill, this is just my thought process and me communicating those thoughts. I mean there’s a reason I do these ones (last post was, admittedly, very much not chill), and it’s mostly because I get emails and junk asking if I’m still modding or when this is due or that so I do what I do best and overexplain and think too far into the future.

      Anyway, I am glad you love my mods. I can’t say I’ll keep doing me because me needs a lot of work but I will do my best lol

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