Mini-Mod Tuesday – Rings and Engagement Rings

Alright so as promised this has been properly finished. I’m still very heartsick, although now for different reasons. See below for the changelog and for screenshots. Also two more rings have been added that had been left out before.

What Is?

I always thought engagement rings should have been a thing. You get your wedding band, but it’s the bling you wanna show tha girls, right?? So here is a selection of engagement bands ranging from the more conservative (Narya, Gandalf’s ring), to the more creative and ostentatious like the modern band studded with diamonds and a pink diamond the size of your eye holding court, and even the more rustic, like the Sylvan band made of gold and rose gold twining together like branches and leaves, accented with tiny emeralds and diamonds with a large flowery diamond.

But there’s other rings, too, ones just for fun, including The One Ring, a band made entirely of twining golden leaves, and a ring to lift you up when you feel grounded (that sounds more intriguing than it is, it’s meant entirely poetically lol).

The engagement rings sit on your left ring finger and take slot 48. The others occupy the right ring finger and take slot 60. Likely conflicts will happen, these are just the two slots I thought might be my best shot at making something not entirely riddled with conflicting armor slots.

The following are available:


  • Narya
  • Vilya
  • Pink Diamond
  • Sylvan
  • Trefoil Solitaire

Bear in mind these do not replace the wedding ring model! These are for giving your true love (if you’re able) a ring to symbolize your upcoming nuptials.

And yes! These are unisex!


  • Leaf Ring
  • The One Ring
  • The Ring of Sithis
  • The Ring of Air
  • Red Mountain Ring

How to obtain?

Haelga, the ho of Riften, has a tendency to have her weak-chinned wonders steal their wives’ and girlfriends’ rings as a sign of their devotion to her. You might not be any of said wives or girlfriends, but wouldn’t it just be something if you took those petty little trophies away?

The jewelry box containing the rings is on top of a barrel in the BASEMENT OF HAELGA’S BUNKHOUSE.

Unlike the Alamo, the Bunkhouse does, in fact, have a basement. Have no fear.



Known Issues/A Word About ENBs

  • Some minor clipping on interstitial weights between 0 and 1 for male characters.

ENBs will affect brightness and color of the gems!!! I thought at first the diamonds were black, but in actuality, it was my ENB making it seem that way at a certain time of day. The screenshots below were taken using Sind ENB, a very saturated and bright ENB in order to demonstrate their appearance at an extreme. There’s also a gif demonstrating the Red Ring’s appearance with a highly saturated ENB versus vanilla.

Before reporting an issue with color, turn your ENB off (shift+F12 by default) and see how it looks in vanilla lighting. If it looks fine, try adjusting or finding a new ENB.

If you’re having issues with bright lens flares and blinking, let me know and I’ll see what I can do about making things less shiny.


Mini-Mod Rings v 0.1


  • Added GO meshes
  • Added Vilya engagement ring to accompany Narlya
  • Added Red Mountain Ring
  • Implemented ability to obtain objects in-game rather than via console, only



Also please do not upload this mod in whole elsewhere like LL or Nexus.

Otherwise feel free to do what you will.

Please enjoy!




  • Hyunekel

    Hi! I was just browsing your mods and you just posted this 🙂
    It’s a really good chance to say that I really appreciate your work and love it so much!
    Thank you 😀

  • Qewbix

    Oooh! Shinies! I forgot to check this out when I saw you post yesterday >< Car troubles had me running to my brother-in-law. I'm downloading as I type and eat. I do have to say this though… I'm running out of allowed plugins in the nexus mod manager. Makes me sad when I think of future mods you may upload 🙂 may have to get rid of some other clothing mods I barely use. Prefer yours anyways 😀

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