September Final Fantasy XIV Giveaway!!!

Hey guys, so I’m doing what I honestly should’ve done ages ago, and started a “branded” Twitter!

So to give this key away, I want you guys to retweet my inaugural post! In three days a winner will be chosen at random. I like this system better than the other since it’s not completely blind like the last time, and the human element is removed in the drawing process.

This key is for the complete game, plus 30 free days of game time! A subscription is NOT included!

If you would give me a follow, that would be super, but it’s not required! This is just a bit of an experiment, but if interest is shown, I’ll certainly keep going!

Anyway, getcher FF14 hopeful booties over to my tweet!

And if you just want to follow, use that link up there or add @TheRealFurb!

Good luck!

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