Help Wanted: Time Management

I’m asking everywhere, so I figured I’d ask here.

Since Timberlake’s passing, I’m in complete disarray, and it wasn’t really dawning on me until recently. He really was like a child to me in that my entire world and life revolved around him, and so now with no walks or play times or any of that stuff, I’m very quickly realizing I have no idea what this empty time is, and while one would think it would be an easy thing to fill, for me it’s not. I’m not good at managing my time when I’m not in a state of mourning, and as it sets in that I have way more free time than I probably have ever had in my entire life, I just don’t know what to do. It’s like I have a handful of to-do’s and there’s a fifty-mile-long empty white board I need to put them on.

So, being that there’s things on the line and things needing to be done that aren’t being done, just because I don’t think about them, I’m kind of reaching out all kinds of places to see if there’s someone who is good with structure and wouldn’t mind lending me a few moments of their time to maybe jump-start me back into a rhythm that makes sense over looking at my basket of chores and wondering how they fit into something a hundred times their size. lol

If you can help, let me know. I’ll compensate you however I’m able. But video tutorials have to be made and they’d getting lost in a mud puddle of requests, larger projects, and ignored fanfiction. So if that mudpuddle can be mopped up a bit that would be awesome.

Anyway thanks for reading, any help is deeply appreciated.


  • Sym

    I’ve recently filled a similar void by adopting/ rescuing another. It took a few weeks, before I was ready, but i don’t feel i was replacing, I was selfish and did it for me. To fill that void. I think of roxy and sally frequently, and sit with them where they rest under a row of large pines in the front yard.
    Sorry for your loss, ….

    • RefurbMadness

      Roxy and Sally are such great names for dogs. And you did a good thing, rescuing. Your babies know they can’t be replaced, and so do you. And now a new someone gets to benefit from your love.

      It’ll be a while before I could ever have another dog. I still have almost nightly bouts of hysterics. My husband doesn’t know what to do with me lol. I brought Timber home yesterday, though. He sits with my husband’s cat Bear looking out of his favorite window. They took his paw print before, in plaster, and at least now I can put my hand on it, like we’re giving each other five again.

      But as dear old Jack Lemmon said what seems eons ago now, death ends life, not relationships.

  • Qewbix

    I am sorry for your loss. It’s never easy losing them >< I had no choice to put my horse, Sky, down due to bad case of colic a few years ago and only been out to where she was boarded twice since. I still miss her. They gave me a braided piece of her mane,

    Did send some screenies your way. Hope they bring a smile at least 🙂

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